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How to quickly index a new article on google? Let’s figure out together how to help google index our new article as soon as possible.

To quickly index a new article of our site Google offers many tools for free, one of the most important is definitely Google Search Console, a powerful tool where every webmaster without having special skills, just study a little, can communicate to google everything you need to have a site always indexed and in excellent health.

Obviously this tool allows us to know what our site likes and what Google does not like but does not correct any errors present, for that we need a webmaster who knows where to put his hands!

Let’s see in detail some features of Google Search Console:

  1. Inform Google of the existence of our site. Actually google does it even if we don’t place the site in this tool, but doing it is always the right choice to make 🙂
  2. Send to Google the sitemap of our site (If you use WordPress I recommend you to use the tool that offers free Yoast Seo plugin for the creation of the sitemap of our site).
  3. Monitor the impressions of our site on google (how many times one or more pages of our site appear in Google searches)
  4. Monitor how many clicks our site has received, on which pages and which was the percentage compared to the times that was seen on Google.
  5. If you have an e-commerce you can analyze if the pages of your products are SEO friendly for Google (important if you want to sponsor through ads and google merchant its products).
  6. The health status of the site compared to responsive devices.
  7. But above all, it allows you, every time you insert a new article on your site/ blog, to communicate it to google promptly. In the new version of Google Search Console this operation has become really simple.