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The importance of Visual Identity in brand communication

Brand Identity is structured around the history of a brand, its values, the mission, the vision and the methods of communication of the company. In particular, the brand identity is defined through the graphic development with the visual representation of the characteristics that characterize the brand. In this sense we can affirm that the Visual Identity is an integral part of the Brand Identity of a brand and is fundamental to effectively convey its fundamental values.

Why have an effective Visual Identity?

Visual Identity represents the external and aesthetic part of a brand and is what allows a commercial entity, or not, to express itself, what characterizes it and makes it unique. The visual identity includes the logo, company colors, product design, brochures and printed communications in general, the graphic appearance of the website, fonts used for online and offline brand communication. In the development of websites the design, in addition to ensuring an attractive aesthetic appearance, must be able to guide the user in the various pages facilitating navigation and usability.

Having an effective Visual Identity can:

  • improve the visibility and recognition of a brand;
  • facilitate interaction with the brand;
  • build the image of a brand;
  • to facilitate identification;
  • improve the Brand Reputation.

An effective corporate image, in line with audience expectations, intriguing and impactful facilitates the creation of emotional connections with your target audience. It is not just a matter of being noticed and remembered, but of communicating emotions and values, creating a link between brand and consumer. It is therefore important that every communication act is expressed through quality graphic processing that can give added value to the customer. The communication must be structured in such a way as to enhance the main characteristics of a brand and what makes it different from the competition, transmitting reliability, accuracy and quality assurance.

How to define visual identity

Doing Visual branding means first of all knowing your goals and having a clear image that you want to convey to your customers. It is necessary to highlight the elements that distinguish and characterize the brand and consequently find the most effective ways to express them. In the digital world competitiveness is very high, so being able to be recognizable is increasingly difficult. Today users must be visually and emotionally affected by a content, in this regard they prefer videos and images because they can positively surprise the user.

For this reason, investing in the visual aspects of quality can ensure greater impact and success in the current market. Differentiating or being creative is not the only reason to choose a web agency, a web project is made up of different facets and stages that need specific and diverse skills. The phases concern the development of responsive and mobile friendly websites or e-commerce, creation of visual, logos and graphics ad hoc, processing of analysis and digital marketing strategies, SEO management, content creation, software and app development and much more.

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