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Setting up an effective communication strategy may seem like a very difficult task, but if we keep a few key steps in mind, everything will become clearer. We have summarised the key steps in 5 key points:

1. Define your target audience and outline your buyer personas

The second thing to do to create an effective communication strategy is to carry out a careful situational analysis inside and outside your business. It is crucial to understand how, through our skills, we can help achieve certain goals and satisfy customers. Defining one’s target audience with whom one intends to interact is the basis of any strategy. To define one’s target audience, it is useful to define the ideal user prototype by personifying it. It is therefore a matter of fictional representations of one’s ideal customer, of creating model-types that can correspond in every way to a potential customer.

2. Set your goals

Define your goals in the short, medium and long term in detail in a Marketing Plan. You should not choose too many objectives, it is important to make sure they are consistent with what you want to convey. Always remember that they must be: specific, measurable, attainable and with a defined time frame (characteristics that can be summarised in the acronym SMART).

3. Define Brand Identity and Tone of Voice

It is essential to define the Brand Identity and Tone of Voice of your communication so that you are immediately recognisable.

4. Create your creative strategy and plan future actions

The creative strategy represents how you want to achieve your goals. First of all, you have to choose the platforms that are functional for achieving your goals; you do not necessarily have to use all social media. Next comes the development of a communication strategy and plan. This means planning in detail the tactics, times and ways in which communication actions are to be carried out without leaving anything to chance. In this regard, an editorial plan is created, figuring out when to publish, on which platform, and in what way.

5. Monitor results

Constantly monitor the results to understand whether the actions taken so far are working. Carefully observe what is happening for sentiment analysis and reactions. Always ask yourself: What worked? What did not? How can you act to improve your actions? Devising an effective communication strategy is by no means simple, which is why in most cases it is necessary to rely on communication professionals who can devote the necessary time and expertise to this task. If you are looking for a communication professional, we recommend that you contact a specialised communication consultant who is able to manage and communicate your Brand Identity in the best possible way. Only in this way will you be able to enhance your business and effectively achieve your goals. Contact the arimaslab team!