Acero Rosso





The Acero Rosso Website was created as an information point to discover the services, the location, and everything that the residence offers.

Acero Rosso is the first residence for the elderly that offers a five-star service in the heart of the Simbruini Mountains Park. A charming place, surrounded by greenery, a stone’s throw from the town of Rocca di Botte, where Lazio and Abruzzo meet, where the air is clean, the climate is temperate and the atmosphere is enchanting.


Highlight the quality of services offered by Acero Rosso

One of the main objectives that we defined together with the customer was to highlight the quality of the structure and services offered by the Acero Rosso residence.

Another important goal was to make the user experience optimal by structuring a simple and intuitive website.

Website from Mobile


Great user experience even from mobile

The Acero Rosso Website maintains the same elegance, simplicity and intuitiveness even in the mobile version making the user experience pleasant even from mobile devices.