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5 tips to improve your Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising to date represents one of the most important tools to get the most for your business. Facebook ads are a very effective method of showing product or service ads to a well-defined target audience. You can segment your audience by many variables, such as age, interests, or geographic location.

Payment methods for Facebook ads can be:

  • Per impression: you pay for each display of the ad. This is a recommended option for campaigns that aim at brand consolidation.
  • Per click: you pay only when users click on the ads. Useful when there is a specific CTA that leads to a landing page or website.
  • Per action: in the latter case, you only pay if the user takes an action such as filling out a contact form or making a purchase.

By choosing among these options, it is possible to direct Facebook’s algorithm to suggest the ad to people inclined to take certain actions based on the set goal, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Being able to identify the ideal target audience for a Facebook ad is the first concept that needs to be put into practice in order to be successful in achieving relevant results. The more the audience is akin to the proposed content, the more they will interact collaborating to lower conversion costs.

What can be the goals of Facebook Ads?

The content of ads can serve several purposes:

  • Aim to increase your Facebook page’s following (following)
  • Advertise one of your products or services to sell it (commercial)
  • Consolidate brand appeal (awareness)

Incentivizing the user to spend more time within the platform is a key goal to increase the chances of being reached by advertisements.

5 tips to improve your Facebook AdsBest practice

And now here are our useful tips for your Facebook Ads summarized in 5 points:

  1. Study competitor ads and think about a distinctive campaign that is consistent with your brand;
  2. Craft good creative for both the ad image and ad text to maximize results;
  3. Identify your Buyer Personas. The more specific the target audience, the greater the chance of success;
  4. Always set a Call To Action that invites users to take an action based on the campaign objective;
  5. Observe user behavior on the site to optimize future strategy.

It is clear that it is now essential to fully understand the potential of this tool and how to best use it to achieve tangible and satisfying results. Contact us for a consultation, we will study the perfect strategy for your brand!


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