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The project

In the heart of the natural beauty of Mount Livata, Bed100s is more than just a rooming house; it is a cozy retreat nestled in the tranquility of the mountains.
Our project was to capture the essence and hospitality of this unique place through a website that would convey warmth and comfort from the first click.

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Our goal with Bed100s was to transform their online presence into an attractive and functional showcase that would capture the interest of potential guests from the first glance.

We wanted to create a website that not only presented the features of their rooms and services in clear detail, but also conveyed the relaxing atmosphere and welcome that guests would experience during their stay.



The main challenge we faced with Bed100s was balancing simplicity with information.

We had to ensure that the site was intuitive to navigate, but at the same time provided all the information needed to convince guests to book their stay.

In addition, we had to ensure that the design reflected the unique atmosphere and style of the guesthouse, thus creating an online experience that was an authentic reflection of the reality visitors would find once they arrived at Monte Livata.

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