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The project

Betalab, a clinical testing laboratory in Tivoli, is a one-stop shop for those seeking high-quality, personalized check-up and prevention services.

Our project was to transform their online and offline presence by creating a new website, engaging social media graphics, and informative brochures.

We wanted to provide them with effective tools to communicate the value of their services and attract new clients, while maintaining the professional and trustworthy image that sets them apart.

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The main objective with Betalab was to create a comprehensive and integrated digital presence that would help promote their check-up and prevention packages effectively.

We worked on creating a modern, user-friendly website designed to provide detailed information about the services offered and facilitate online booking.

In parallel, we developed eye-catching social media graphics aimed at generating interest and engagement among the online audience.

Finally, we created printed informational brochures, designed to be distributed on-site and at events, to provide potential customers with an additional source of detailed information about Betalab‘s services.



The main challenge we faced with Betalab was to maintain consistency and cohesion among the different communication tools, while ensuring customization and adaptability to each channel.

We had to ensure that the website, social graphics, and brochures clearly and convincingly communicated Betalab‘s message, while maintaining a uniform and professional visual style.

In addition, we needed to successfully integrate online booking functionality into the website, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience for potential customers.

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