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E-Commerce Website

Circuito Made in Italy



E-commerce website

“Circuit” is today the protagonist of a market in constant movement with unique and quality products, a fundamental characteristic in a very dynamic environment, in which it is important to be able to grasp the changes, translating them into concreteness and reliability. The continuous search for fabrics, the attention to detail, garments capable of bringing innovation, of dressing giving a precise identity to the worker, all respecting the highest standards in terms of wearability and elegance.

The style and versatility of Circuito’s clothes have made the brand highly appreciated not only in the hospitality sector, but also in show business, with numerous partnerships developed with cinema, television and radio.

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Highlighting the quality of Made in Italy products

One of the main objectives we defined together with the client was to highlight the quality of Made in Italy products and make the site modern and clean.

Another important objective was to improve the user experience by speeding up the product selection and checkout process.

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The future is about personalisation

Having not just a stock option but a unique product, customised just for the customer.

We designed a product customisation system and making it easy and simple for users was our main challenge.

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