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The project

QUARdisc is an innovative project that aims to revolutionize the use of music by merging the best of the physical experience with the digital one. In a single product, QUARdisc combines the best digital audio quality, video and unique content for enthusiasts, new functions that neither a vinyl nor an online service allow, the charm of a vintage product and the uniqueness of numbered pieces, all to collect. . The revolutionary idea of QUARdisc marries with the innovative spirit that distinguishes ArimasLab. We have fielded all the technical skills to support the customer with: the creation of the website, graphics and advertising.

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Communicate the music revolution.

The QUARdisc lens is so revolutionary that it represents a real challenge for us.

We are highlighting all the characteristics of such a particular product and we are trying to make it known to an ever wider audience by building its image from scratch.



Engaging music lovers

QUARdisc is aimed at a specific audience and the communication must reach an equally specific target.

Therefore, targeted strategies are needed to build and convey the image of a product of the highest quality, but which, precisely because of its innovative nature, requires careful presentation of all its facets.

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