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Sardegna Rinnovabile




The Renewable Sardinia Alliance, was established at the initiative of the environmental associations WWF Italy, Legambiente, Greenpeace Italy and Kyoto Club with the aim of promoting and supporting zero-carbon development in Sardinia.

We designed the alliance’s website, which is a dynamic and interactive information, exchange and awareness-raising point. The website has a simple but impactful structure so that the user experience is optimal.

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Promoting and supporting the development of renewable energy in Sardinia

One of the main goals we defined together with the client was to highlight and promote the project in which within the next 5 years Sardinia will face another important step in its energy transition to renewable and sustainable sources. Another important objective was to create the website,a point of information and awareness, with the hope that all institutions and citizens will collaborate in the decarbonization of Sardinia.
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Highlighting good practices carried out on the ground

We have provided the user with a section highlighting good practices carried out in the area.

We have also designed an additional section where the user can stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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