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The project

Selint, a leading company in the electronics market with more than three decades of experience, has embarked on an ambitious project to modernize and redesign its website.

This important step was conceived with the goal of reflecting the company’s signature innovation and cutting edge, offering users an online experience that lives up to its established reputation.

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The main objective of this project was to optimize the user experience, making navigation on the site more intuitive, engaging and informative.

Through a modern and functional design, Selint’s new site aims to facilitate access to key information about the products and services offered, providing a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge solutions offered by the company.

In addition, another crucial objective was to improve communication with existing and potential customers by providing an effective channel for sharing news, updates, and useful resources related to Selint’s extensive catalog of brands and products offered.

This strengthening of the company’s online presence aims to consolidate its position as an industry leader and ensure transparent and timely communication with its global customer base.




One of the most significant challenges faced during this project was integrating the wide range of brands, products, and divisions offered by Selint into a consistent and easily accessible online experience.

With more than 30 brands and more than 200 product types, it was essential to strike a balance between the comprehensive presentation of the company’s offerings and clear navigation on the site.

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