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WWF Panda Magazine


Editorial Graphics

Panda magazine

Panda is the magazine of WWF Italy and since 1967 has been telling many interesting facts about nature, animals, unique habitats that are endangered by human activities, and behaviors to make our presence on the Planet more sustainable.

With the digital version, this story is enriched with many multimedia contents (videos, images, in-depth analysis) that, we are sure, will lead you to discover in an even more engaging way, the beauties that, every day, with its campaigns and initiatives WWF is committed to protect and defend.

The Project

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WWF's new Panda magazine

WWF Italy has chosen to entrust arimaslab with the editorial graphic creation of PANDA Magazine, the historic magazine dedicated to Members.

We work together to create each unique issue, assist editorial work and find new solutions.


New graphic design

The new Panda magazine was born with the same spirit that characterizes the historic association with its 60 years of existence.

The new magazine format, which is collectible, easy and pleasant to consult, follows a narrative path combining current events, insights and proposals.

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