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A community, extended to the whole of Italy, that wants to connect all volunteers and friends of the WWF who practice recreational or professional diving, apnea or even more simply snorkeling. 

An careful and passionate community, sensitive to the defense and conservation of marine biodiversity, because divers, spending most of their time diving in the seas of the world, personally know the beauty, fragility and degradation of the Blue Planet.

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Highlight the main objectives of the S.U.B.

One of the main objectives that we defined together with the customer was to highlight the three fundamental points on which the project is based:


the aquatic environment and its biodiversity

correctly the diving community, also activating a close communication with the community of Italian Diving who share the mission of the WWF S.U.B.


“good practices” to be adopted during diving for the respect of the environment

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Connect all WWF volunteers and friends who practice diving

The community develops through three different structures that work closely with each other, giving continuity to the work of each:

WWF S.U.B. Divers:
Recreational divers who want to participate actively in the WWF S.U.B community

WWF S.U.B. Diving:
diving that are associated after agreeing to comply with the specific specification of the WWF S.U.B

WWF S.U.B. Pro:
a Team of professionals: an “Eco-TEAM” that, in close connection with the Coast Guard, the Entities of management of the AMP and the Local Authorities, will affect actions of environmental protection

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