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The importance of an effective Visual Identity

The importance of Visual Identity in brand communication

Brand Identity is structured around a brand’s story, its values, mission, vision and communication methods. Specifically, brand identity is defined through graphic development with the visual representation of the brand’s defining traits. In this sense, we can say that Visual Identity is an integral part of a brand’s Brand Identity and is essential to effectively convey its core values.

Why have an effective Visual Identity?

Visual Identity represents the exterior and aesthetic part of a brand and is what allows a commercial entity, or not, to express itself, what characterizes it and makes it unique. Visual identity includes the logo, corporate colors, product design, brochures and general print communications, the graphic appearance of the website, and the fonts used for online and offline brand communication. In Web site development, the design, in addition to ensuring an attractive appearance, must be able to guide the user through the various pages, facilitating navigation and usability.

Having an effective Visual Identity can:

  • Improve the visibility and recognition of a brand;
  • Facilitate interaction with the brand;
  • Building a brand image;
  • Promote identification;
  • Improve Brand Reputation.

An effective corporate image that is in line with audience expectations, intriguing and impactful facilitates the creation of emotional connections with one’s target audience. It is not just about getting noticed and remembered, but about communicating emotions and values, creating a bond between brand and consumer. Therefore, it is important that every communicative act be expressed through quality graphic elaborations that can give added value to the customer. Communication should be structured in a way that enhances the main characteristics of a brand and what differentiates it from its competitors, conveying reliability, accuracy, and quality assurance.

How to define visual identity

Visual branding means first of all knowing your goals and being clear about the image you intend to convey to your customers. One must highlight the elements that distinguish and characterize the brand and accordingly find the most effective ways to express them. In the digital world, competitiveness is extremely high, so being able to be recognizable is increasingly difficult. Today, users need to be visually and emotionally affected by a piece of content; in this regard, videos and images are preferred because they can surprise the user in a positive way.

This is why investing in quality visual aspects can guarantee you greater impact and success in today’s market. Differentiating or being creative is not the only reason to choose a web agency; a web project is composed of different facets and phases that need specific and diverse skills. The steps cover responsive and mobile friendly website or e-commerce development, creation of visuals, logos and ad hoc graphics, elaboration of digital marketing analysis and strategies, SEO management, content creation, software and app development and much more.

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