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User Experience and UX Designer

We hear more and more about User Experience, in Italian User Experience, which describes a constantly expanding world, almost a trend within the digital universe, namely, that of UX Design (or User Experience Design).

To give a first, simple definition, then, we can say that UX is about everything that has to do with the experience a user has when he or she is using a good or service. Very often it happens that User Experience, User Interface and usability are confused with each other or even overlapped. Actually, the latter two are just elements that, together, are part of the UX.

What does the UX designer do?

According to the Nielsen-Norman Group’s definition the User Experience that “…encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products, ” in practice, you put the product user at the center of the design process.

The Ux Designer is then tasked with analyzing and interpreting user behavior, dynamics, and context so that a positive experience can be built. Specifically, he or she must design the experience related to the use of a digital product such as a website, app, software, or other. On these kinds of products, consumers have pragmatic expectations (that they will make them achieve their practical goals) but also aesthetic expectations (that use will be enjoyable). The main goal of the practitioner is to improve the relationship between consumers and products, thus serving as a connecter between the needs of the company and those of the user.

Said in other words, when you User Experience Design,specializes in designing in the world of User Experience and designs what satisfies the user and does so by optimizing usability, accessibility and providing pleasure in using a product.

UX Designer vs. UI Designer

When talking about UX, it is inevitable to also hear about the figure of the UI Designer and Digital Art Director. Let’s see together what they deal with.

If the UX Designer deals with the structure, the User Interface Designer designs the dress i.e., the graphics. Specifically, the former conducts user research, analyzes competitors, verifies the suitability of the product with the identified needs, and develops the mechanics. The second ideas an effective visual hierarchy and builds a graphic language consistent with the target audience and business goals.

The Digital Art Director is a figure who originated in advertising agencies and who, in addition to handling communications for online campaigns, also serves as UX/UI Designer.

In conclusion, we can say that the UX Designer is one of the “new” professions, as are jobs such as the Social Media Manager, Digital Strategist, Creative Technologist and others, and is an ever-evolving figure who must adapt quickly to the new developments in the digital world in order to respond quickly and effectively to user needs.

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