We are a group of professionals who have been on the market for over 15 years and together decided to create an agency to give our best to our clients. Today we can offer support and development in different sectors of communication. The web as a starting point to create instruments that look to the future, that permits our clients to do their very best. To work and grow together. Always.

our Mission

Every day we believe that the organic growth of our company is the base of our success, present and future. For this reason our clients become our partners and we work together to find solutions to all the problems that crop up along the way. Our team is growing in number and professionally, today we reach the world web, development of APP, Software in SaaS beyond our core work which is graphic and editorial publishing.

“…The best way to do a good job is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

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Like a lot of things in our world, our collaboration began as a game, Maurizio, present member, co-founder and administrator of arimaslab looked for someone to help him in his telecommunication company (arimas) to develop the editorial publishing side. He met Mauro, a graphic designer, webmaster and much more and they began to collaborate in arimas permitting the company to grow already with an international profile.

Their relationship strengthened even though the two co-founders worked from a distance, occupied with their principal activities. For Maurizio arimas continued to grow and Mauro began external consultancy in the commercial world gaining experience in the world of construction materials and Social network.

The moment arrived to take the game seriously, after almost a year after Mauro became a member of the arimas family, he and Maurizio decided to establish arimaslab as an innovative start-up. They began important projects and consolidate the outstanding ones.

We begin to develop native apps that continue to grow with us and after almost a year of activity the family increases with Gianmarco, a young Graphic Designer from the IED and with a year of experience behind him in a large communication company like ALMAVIVA.

2020 is a strategic year even if still marked with COVID¬-19. We are still trying to improve and grow…

Maurizio La Rocca
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Gianmarco Iannilli
Graphic Designer
Mauro Tardelli
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